Help I have a Problem. Citra Closing When I load my game

citra_log (2).txt (133.9 KB)

Idk what to do, I’ve tried to fix some stuff but idk nothing working

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

you’re still on the same driver version. you may have to only disable ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ on Emulation > Configure > Graphics for citra to work, but keep in mind that old drivers can cause such issues.

I did update my driver though, on intel it says I’m at the last update.
The problem I have basically it just quits citra after i load the game

I will assume that you are using the intel update utility, you need to download the latest driver from the intel’s downloadcenter page, here is a link to your GPU driver downloads (according to your log). simply download the latest graphics driver for your OS version and install it.

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i don’t use discord :confused:, are you having trouble installing the driver?

I wasn’t sure which one to choose I clicked onthe most recent one but there are a lot to choose from

Just choose the top most (by date) and that it matches the OS you are using. you will be redirected to the download page, with the download link on the left-hand side of the screen.

I do this

Then i get this

if you have windows 10 than yes, just click on the blue rectangular button on the left hand side of the screen to download and afterwards install it.

It doesn’t do anything, I’m sorry I’m not too familiar with this stuff, it just brings me to another page

oh i see, intel release a new driver, here’s the link, now clicking on the blue rectangular button will download the driver.

I downloaded the driver you sent me on the link doesn’t work apparently it isn’t suited for my setup

are you on windows 10? 8? that setup was for windows 10. btw your specific GPU is known for some driver installation issues, if the issue persists ask for support on a tech forum.

I’m on windows 10
You meant this download right?

Yes.! minimum characters…

That download was the one that told me that my setup wasn’t suited for the driver

Ask for support on a tech support forum on how to install this driver, also take note of its requeriments:

Microsoft Windows® 10-64 - Fall Creators Update (1709)
Microsoft Windows® 10-64 - April 2018 Update (1803)
Microsoft Windows® 10-64 - October 2018 Update (1809)

you can also try older version if the newer versions don’t work:

but citra requires a relatively recent driver to work correctly.

I’ll ask on the support but why wouldn’t the usual intel update utility work?