Help me ? games

So basically, I downloaded the citra application for pokemon x and y and above I got rid of my old 3ds and wanted to revisit them, and ive downloaded it but don’t know how to get the pokemon onto it like when I click the citra-qt there is no pokemon ive watched multiple videos and nothing is working wondering if I could get some support, sorry for grammar misuse and wrong spellings, thanks a lot for the time!

What you are saying is basically that your game list is empty. It’s a reported issue and it’s currently being worked upon.

You need to go to File, Select Game Directory, and select the folder where you kept the games. Then they should appear.

Pokémon XY don’t work on Citra yet, so don’t bother trying to play them.

but I don’t get how to get pokemon ultra sun

or whatever that’s called

[Moderator: link removed.] what do I do with this and how to get into my citra, sorry for spam just don’t know much.

Piracy is not supported on these forums. Downloading games is illegal. You are expected to dump your games from a 3DS.

Sorry, but we can’t give support.