Help related on transferring save file from Citra to real 3DS without homebrew

Hello. I recently purchased a perfectly working New 3DS XL. I have a modded old 3DS and looking for selling it. That’s why I bought a New 3DS XL so that I won’t be count as pirating. Anyway, I want to transfer my New Leaf: Welcome amibo save file without modding the New 3DS XL. Is it possible? Or do I need to homebrew it. If I need to, please relate to the one that is not premanent so that I can uninstall the homebrew and keep it official.

Any guides or suggestions would be appreciated.


You will need homebrew to import the save file. You can uninstall CFW by following the guide below:

Make sure you read everything before you want to hack it temporarily in the first place, if you aren’t comfortable with uninstalling then forget about the Citra save and just start over on the N3DS XL.

Sorry for the late reply, I read the uninstall guide, and it says that I have to reset my 3DS. Would it leave any illegal tickets? I don’t plan on installing any games in it.