[help] transfer save game from citra to 3ds

I’ve been playing pokemon sun on citra for quite a bit and now I wanted to continue on my (recently unbricked) 3ds.
Following the suggestions on Reddit - Dive into anything
I’ve tried to inject my citra save with KJSM (and checkpoint) but when I start the game I get an error about a corrupted save.
Is the citra save game in a different format? Is there any extra step required?

Open the save data location by right-clicking on a game in the list in Citra and selecting “Open Save Data Location”.

Now copy the “main” file and paste it in the “data” folder. Now go back one folder, and copy the 00164800 folder onto the SD card (JKSM’s location, preferably, SD Card/JKSM/Saves/(Pokemon Sun)/(create your own folder here)).

Now go into JKSM on your 3DS, select SD/CIA, select Pokemon Sun, select Save Data Options, select Import Save, and finally select the name that you created for your folder in the SD card.

I’ve tried doing as yuou say, but I still get a corrupted save.
Previously I had already tried something very similar, i.e. first export a save game from JKSM, then replace just the main file copying the one from citra.

This happened to me too all you have to do is copy this file too


But where do you put this file ?

A short tutorial:
download JKSM save manager CIA here: JKSM.cia - Google Drive
(the latest version doesn’t work for me)
Install the CIA
Then launch it and click on “Refresh Games”. After that go on SD/CIA, click on the game you want to transfer save game
Click on Save Data Options->Export Save->New and name it “backup”
Now turn off you 3ds and put the SD cart into your pc
Go into SD\JKSV\Saves[game name]. You should have a folder named “backup”. create another new folder called “citra”
On citra right click on your game and click “Open Save Data Location”. Copy all items into this folder and paste them into SD\JKSV\Saves[game name]\citra.
Put your SD card into your 3ds and launch JKSM
Go on SD/CIA and search your game
Click on “Save Data Options” then “Import Save” and then click “citra”
Click on yes
And you’re done :smiley:


Thank you very much!! :smiley: Worked well!!

OH MY GOD, ty so much, u are really f. god!! thankyouuuuuu!!!

Hello, sorry this is from a year ago but I have a question, anyone knows what should I do if the saved data file is in .bin format? Does it work the same? And what should I do if instead of one “main” data file I have many files w different names?

Which game are you talking about and what files do you have?
The “main” file is only used by the Pokemon games XY, ORAS, SM and USUM, other games use other save files.

Ok I need help with that. I will be replacing my 3ds soon. So I need to get my current file of Pokemon Ultra Sun off Citra to the cart I have.

Atm I only have the answer to the first question. I just did a save data transfer of AiRace Speed from 3DS to Citra and back, it was a .bin file and copying it to the right location the transfer worked just fine. That was just with Catalog but now I need JKSM as many of the games don’t even appear for Catalog.
As for the other question, yea we’d need to know what game you’re talking about.

does this work with tomodachi life?

Should work just about fine

hi there, i know it’s been a while, but i don’t understand how to do that, maybe the JKSM save manager has chaged but i’m scared of corrupting my game by doing the same thing with this version JKSM - 05.08.2020