Help! unable to downoad citra

I’m not able to download citra, the installer gets stuck after downloading 3-4 mb.
I’m getting a error: "Cannot download archive :Connection closed.
Any solutions?

Can you try downloading the Nightly version by clicking “Manual download” in the download page?

ya, got it now, but will it support automatic updates and if not, what will i do with my saves?

If you want automatic updates, get Citra Canary.

Save data is stored in a place that Citra doesn’t touch except if you save in-game.

Sorry, I am having the same issue. What was the solution?

Try change DNS settings: or then reboot your computer to make sure it is in effect.

Or try use a VPN.

The update failed because of "connection closed"clicked on retry it failed again, clicked again on retry and the update was successful…
Did not use vpn or change dns…just kept retrying…hope this may apply in your case to

vpn solved my problem with the stucked/failed installation download