Help waanted plzz

idk how to do aany of thiss I am not smart enough for aanny off this

Please be more descriptive. With what do you need help?

eevverry thing I aam not aaa modder I donnt get aannyythinng mmy keeyboaard iss mmesssingg up to isss why sso maanny ssaamme letter ssorry

I wwaannaaa plaay pokemmonn ultra sun butt iddk how toi

idk how to dump gaames seven wwhen I read the thing I still donnt get it

Do you atleast have a 3DS?

yes but mines 2ds I used to own 1 but now its aa 2dss ssorry

Have you got Homebrew and b9s in your 2DS?

I\do I require just a 3dsss or can I use 2ds aass wwell

I don’t think so

What is your firmware version?

how do icheck that in settings

It should be displayed instantly when you launch the Settings app

ver 11.6.0-29U iss it I think

You can’t get Homebrew (which is required for Citra) unless you get a DS flashcart.

k thanks very much that’s all