Help with citra?

Well… i have a little problem with citra… :confused: when i open the citra this appears:
And when i run a game this appears:

That build looks very old, please test again with latest one

that worked, but i have new errors…

And i don’t have a 3DS to dump files :confused:

You’re out of luck. You needed to have a 3DS for dumping the games anyway.

i dumped the files with my brother’s 3ds but i have a new error… again :c

What is the game you’re trying to run? It seems to use unimplemented CECD functions.

I tried with Pokemon X, Yo-Kai Watch and Pokemon Rumble World
but these games have the same error…

How did you dump these games?

i put the user folder in the citra folder

i think im gonna uninstall citra from my pc, i can run cemu but not citra, weird.