Help with Digimon World Re Digitize

The opening video in this game always had a slowdown, it played at 5 fps. I dont know exactly when this was fixed but using Canary 2346 the video plays at 35-45. Download the latest Canary 2388 and again the video plays at 5fps. Is the cause known for this? Any hope for a fix in the future? Thanks.

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This has been a problem for many years, there is already an issue on github about it since 2018. Anyway the latest canary fixed the problem again, video runs at 35 again so there is no need.

I’m well aware that they’ve always ran slowly. However, we had an update to dynarmic a while ago which improved FMV (certain cutscenes) performance significantly. We haven’t made any other tweaks to that recently, and it’s been in Nightly for a long while now. Hence why I don’t understand how updating to a newer canary build (which is Nightly + new features) would suddenly tank the performance there. You’re the only one who has reported this to my knowledge and like I said, we haven’t made any other changes to this. So I’d like to investigate if possible. Can you test out Canary 2388 again just in case?

citra_log.txt (18.9 KB)

It was Canary 2384, the video plays at 5-10 fps. Dont know how much time do you mean by a while ago but I tested several random canary and nightly builds from the last few months and they all have the problem. From what I saw the it was solved around canary 2330, any canary before that has the slowdown, but like I said it is fixed again now, in canary 2400 you get 45 fps.