Help With savefile

I have windows 10

"… open a new topic and discuss it there if this doesn’t make sense. please don’t hijack threads like this in the future.

Step 1: setup game list. Choose the folder with your 3ds games in it.
Step 2: right click the game and choose open save data location.
Step 3: it should open a explorer window to a path like “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Citra\sdmc\Nintendo 3DS\00000000000000000000000000000000\00000000000000000000000000000000\title\00040000\00175e00\data\00000001"
Step 4: put your save file named “main” there”

The problem I have is that i can’t get to a screen that shows my 3ds games
I can’t see the open save data location option

could anyone help out?

I will answer the same thing that was answered to you in the other thread:

  1. Open Citra
  2. Click on File/Select Game Directory
  3. In the new window that opened, search for the folder with your games and confirm
  4. The list should update to show all the games you have in the folder you’ve selected.
  5. Click with the right mouse button upon the game you want to open the save folder and click in the option “Open Save Data Location”
  6. Done

ive done this.

ill show you the same folder side to side. one is select game directory with the folder that my rom is in

the same folder is on the otherside to the right which is in the same folder holding the rom which is visible

idk why but it won’t show as you say

nvm got it dude…

I was about to ask you to record a video of those steps haha. So, it was only a mistake ?

yea i made a user folder and found out where the mainsav should be from there and tadaa. though now i am having trouble with the moon rom. i need the updated version to watch the battle videos… would you know where to find the updated version?

Wt do u mean by find ? Either u need to hack & patch the rom, or u have u dump the updated ROM from ur 3ds

Please don’t bring up old topics that were resolved.