Help with trades in pokemon ultra sun

Hi everyone, I’m new with citra and I’m playing pokemon ultra sun, I want to trade my kadabra to evolve (and have it back of course) but when I go to the festival plaza, select a room and want to make the trade with someone online the game crush,
If somebody here have trade pokemons in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon could explain me how to do it right?
I’m playing the game in Spanish, this can be the cause for the malfunctioning?

PD: Sorry if my english is not very good, I’m from Argentina so I don’t speak or write English very often.

please include crash log.

Provide a log
Are you using the latest build? If you are, you should reinstall it or Dump your files.

Thanks for reply me people
Yes I’m using the lastest build, in fact I upgrade Citra every day.

I don’t have my personal computer right now to include the log but I can tell you the error message, it’s something like “Citra was unable to locate the 3DS shared fonts. The game you are trying to load requires additional files from your 3DS to be dumped before playing.

I read the link that comes with this message and says that i must have a N3DS to make the fix files or something like that, and I don’t have a 3DS, Mod Edit: Snipped.

I’ve got the same issue, is someone found the way to fix it ?

If you have the same issue, dump the required files from your 3DS.

i can’t trade in pokemon ultra moon. that always said “System Archive Not Found” “Citra was unaeble to Locate a 3ds system Archieve:Region Manifest. bla bla bla.” pls help me

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