Help with using cheats

Just go here if you want to help people with cheats. Please help

I need help with the Pokemon X shiny cheat

What kind of help do you need? Be more specific what exactly the problem is if you are requesting help.
If you are looking for the code to make wild Pokemon shiny, use the following one (taken from here). It only works if you have game update 1.5 installed!

I would recommend just catching the Pokemon non-shiny and then use PKHeX to make it shiny afterwards. It’s saver as cheats have a much higher chance to mess up your game. Check this guide about how to use PKHeX PKHex interface guide and tips

Well it’s the cheat flatout not working my game is 1.5 I’m pressing the activation keys nothing is happening I’ll try again later.
I’ll try PKHeX crap I can’t I’m on mac
So I’ll just try doing the cheat sooner or later.
Thanks for helping :smile:

Try boot camp, you should be able to run that software if you do.

I’ll see if the cheat works first thanks though.
Do I need to re-download citra and the game

No, you shouldn’t need to redownload from the Nintendo eShop, the only legitimate place to “download” Nintendo 3DS games. If you want to redump to make sure the rom is clean then follow the guides below and have at least 4GB free space on the SD card:

Does it count as piracy if I have the game but I lost the 3ds

It is piracy if you download another person’s copy of the game even if you also own the game, you must generate a rom from your own copy for it to not be piracy.

Do you use pkhex?
Can I just use wine?
Never mind it’s freaking shady

do you have any cheat codes for Ultra sun that set my shiny odds to about 1/500?

I need help is there any shiny cheats for Pokemon y?