Henriko's Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D HD Texture Pack (1.0.2 19-10-05)

Hello! This is my HD texture pack page for Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D! :grinning:

Some general info regarding this texture pack which you should read before you download it;

  • There are ~6000 unique textures in the game ( I have tried to dump every single one, however I may have missed a few ). Out of these textures a few hundred have been completely re-textured or upscaled to look substantially better than the original. Other textures have been left untouched until I’ve worked on them. The textures that I’ve upscaled have been so using waifu2x-caffe, letsenhance.io using these instructions by Bighead. Some filtered textures have been modified or changed entirely to look better as well. In many cases, filtered textures look worse than the original textures so that’s why I’ve decided to leave many of them untouched until a later point.

  • It is very important to me that the texture pack stays faithful to the original vision. This means that I try my hardest to make new textures look like higher resolution versions of the original textures, and not like brand new textures or out-of-place mashups.

  • I am completely up for suggestions, changes and submissions. You will of course be fully credited for any work you submit. These are still very early days and there is much work left to do.

  • The pack is scaled to 4x the default resolution , this means that ( if the internal resolution is increased in Citra ) you may be able to view some textures at a staggering 1600x900 resolution!

  • This texture pack is for Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D only. There are no plans to port it to the N64 version.

  • This texture pack will work with any custom mods / hacks of Ocarina of Time 3D as long as they don’t adding new textures or change old ones (in that case, conflicting textures will be overwritten by one another but it will still work).

  • This texture does not include material maps since Citra does not support this feature yet.

  • It works with all versions of the game, including the PAL/JAP/KOR versions of the game.

  • The total file size of the texture pack is roughly 1.7GB.

  • Post-Processing can work if you install ReShade into Citra. However, since Citra does not output proper depth information (well, it does but it’s flipped 90°) you can not use some shaders like Depth of Field or SSAO. Color grading works flawlessly though. If you would like proper depth data in Citra, ask the ReShade developers if they can add an option to rotate the depth buffer.

Change log:

  • Minor update with various changes and improvements. Text is now much clearer and the title screen has been slightly updated as well.
  • Updated download link to make downloading the texture pack as easy as possible.


  • Added over 700 high quality filtered textures, all hand checked and verified to make sure they reach a certain quality.
  • Roughly 50 hand edited textures, including various HUD elements.
  • Fixed an error where the title screen didn’t show custom textures properly
  • Prepared texture pack for .dds BC7 support once Citra adds it (smaller file size, same quality!)
  • Added a READ_ME file with installation instructions
  • Multiple NPCs’ skin now render properly
  • Fixed an issue where certain textures only displayed a black texture
  • Improved quality of various textures


  • Initial release

Video preview

Comparison images:

Note: All comparison shots have been taken with the exact same settings in Citra with internal resolution set to 7x and Linear Filtering enabled.

Here are some more screenshots with the texture pack activated;

Progression: ~45% done. I focus on the most important and prevalent textures first.

Installation guide:

This guide is for windows but should be very similar on Mac and Linux.

1. Download the texture pack from the link below.

2. Download and install the Citra Emulator.

3. Extract the .png files inside the “Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D HD” folder into the Custom Texture Directory for Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D. Reach that easily by right-clicking the game in the games list in Citra and pressing “Open Custom Texture Folder”.

4. In the Citra settings, make sure that “Use Custom Textures” is enabled in “Emulation” >> “Configure” >> “Graphics”.

5. In the same menu, ensure that the “Internal Resolution” is set to a higher value than the default. Preferably 4x or higher.

6. Play the game!

If you encounter any issues with the texture pack please post them in the comments of this post, or PM them to me on my Discord server.


[Download 1.0.2]

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The work you have provided at this time is staggering to witness, and I am grateful for your sharing this with us. Consider myself a supporter in due time. Your efforts are more than appreciated.

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Amazing work,man, thank you! I will look forward to updates. Are you planning to release the same pack for Mask of Majora?

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I’m thinking about doing it for Majora’s Mask as well since a lot of the textures are very similar to each other. It will take time though, so don’t expect anything that soon.

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Apply your Texture Pack and have a great experience. Thank you.

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Cool! Please change my name to Henriko Magnifico though, I can’t seem to change mine on here (it’s very old and I don’t use it anymore!)

The Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D HD texture pack has been updated to version 1.0.1! Please see the changelog below. :slight_smile:

Thanks for enjoying my texture pack! <3

I love this texture pack, it looks incredible but it doesn’t stray from the original vision.

Thanks for this.

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Glad that you like it! <3

A short video preview has been added to the post! See it here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8VLA4l41NE

Update time!

1.0.2 Changelog:

  • Minor update with various changes and improvements. Text is now much clearer and the title screen has been slightly updated as well.
  • Should now work on all versions of Ocarina of Time 3D (Japanese, Korean, NTSC and PAL)
  • Updated download link to make downloading the texture pack as easy as possible.

How does this differ from just changing the internal resolution in Citra options?

The difference between changing the internal resolution in the enhancements section of Citra and installing a HD texture pack is that when the texture pack is installed, texture resolution is increased rather than just the rendered output. This means that individual textures look way less pixelated and more detailed. If you only increase internal resolution the textures themselves don’t actually change. This is especially noticable in HUD elements and large textures. You can think about it like this; if you increase internal resolution the game file size doesn’t change. No files are being altered or replaced and nothing really happens with the game itself. Now, if you install a custom high resolution texture pack then you actually replace files in the game with other higher resolution ones, which also increases the game’s total size - since more data is being added.

Another way to look at it is to compare it with old PC games. Try playing an old game like DOOM on a modern machine and the graphics will be very outdated, even though you can technically play the game in 1080p on a computer today. There are mods and texture packs to update the the graphics for older games, this is one of them!

I tried to explain it as best I could. Hope it’s enough! :smiley: