HESS,FESS and wrong warp on citra

can a HESS and a FESS be executed in citra because as far as i know in order to get a ESS position you need to hold the control stick in my case the right analog stick and press it, however the problem is that i cant make turn the camera left and right while pressing c stick on citra…

also as i watch in speedruns in order to get a wrong warp speedrunners press the home button to gain a frame and time the use of farores wind on blue warp, in which citra home button is not working…any solution for this?

For the first one: make sure that you enable C-Stick in the game options.
Second one: returning back to the home menu is unimplemented, making this impossible.

how can i enable c stick in game options?

will this be implemented in the future?

You would do it the same way you would on a real 3DS, which a quick search might tell you.

Hard to say, but I don’t see it being prioritized unless it’s needed for games to run. In the case of Dolphin, some games had multiple disks that had to be launched. This issue prevented games from working, so it was prioritized, but fixing it also enabled exiting to the Wii Menu. With the 3DS however, it’s not used by a lot of games for regular gameplay, so there’s less reason to put the effort into fixing it.