Hi ive been told to contact staff about signing up i put the wrong email in and now its giving me an error saying my ip has been over used any help?

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cant make a new account for the misses and its saying i over use my ip and need to talk to you guys hope you can help thank you

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Could you please describe your issue specifically? Where are you seeing this error? What are you trying to do?


Yea ok it’s when I try sign my girlfriend up it says someing like you have created to many accounts I was tired when I was making it an keep typing the wrong email in and when I finally got it right it said to many accounts connected to this ip please contact cirta support for help

You might have been trying too fast. Does it work now? Do note, we only allow one account per person.

No but I copied what it said “New registrations are not allowed from your IP address (maximum limit reached). Contact a staff member” hope we can sort this

Do you have another internet connection you could sign up on? e.g. mobile?

No unfortunately I don’t at the moment