High performance settings in citra

Guys if i change Nvidia and battery settings to high performance so i can play a game in Citra in high speed and then when i close the game i reset them back to normal and i do those changes everytime i play , could this harm my PC ? Sorry for the grammar mistakes.

You would be fine, I think.

Does your computer get extremely hot when you play in high performance?

It gets hot a lot, but i think its normal…It is not like its melting or something

Does it burn your hand if you touch it?

Overheating can destroy your computer.
All computers come with something that auto shuts off the PC if it get to hot.
So if you computer shuts down randomly I’d recommend not leaving high performance on anymore.
or if you smell a burning smell turn it off.

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Is it save to play in high performance till it shuts down?

Absolutely not. Shut down occurs when it gets so hot that the circuit components can break down. It’s a last resort. I would recommend that you buy a better cooler.

I just bought it though,it is a basic cooler but i think it works fine

If you have a cooler, you should be fine. If you want to make absolutely sure tho. I’d recommend downloading some third party software that monitors your CPU temp. Anything over 70 Degrees Celsius is to hot.

thanks i understand can you tell me a program ?

I don’t know if I am allowed to link it. But I prefer speedfan… It is really basic and easy to use. I recommend not messing with settings unless you know what you are doing tho.

A person in a forum here told me that it will help with the lags tho

I meant settings with speedfan

Oh ok i will be carefull :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i downloaded a program called speccy that my cousin suggested and my laptop gets hit form 63% to 70% in the first roots when playing UM/US which is normal but do you think i will have problem later in game when the cities got bigger like OR/AS ?