Homebrew on Citra

How do I put homebrew on Citra?

Do you mean the homebrew launcher? Or homebrew games? Both will run on Citra, however you cannot use the homebrew launcher to boot homebrew applications, as Citra doesn’t currently handle closing/opening games internally.

So to answer your question, once you download the .3dsx file, simply open it with Citra as you would any other game.

Some homebrew games have dependencies, so you need to make sure you read what the homebrew requires to work. For example: If you want to run the Helii3DS homebrew, you must put the “Helii3DS” folder that’s included in the zip file in Citra’s user folder in the same manner you would on the 3DS.

Here’s an example of the directory: C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Citra\sdmc\3ds\Helii3DS

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