Host error on Citra

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Hello, when I want to create my room, it works. But when I connect to the room created with another PC in the house, it gives me the log copied at the bottom of this message. I found a topic talking about the same thing but this time the PC is running Linux Zorin OS. Can you help me please?

System Information

  • Operating System:
  • CPU: Intel Core i9
  • GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Nightly 1864
  • Game: Yo-kai Watch Blasters Peloton du chat rouge
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

Error Log :
Unable to connect to the host. verify that the connection settings are correct. if you still cannot connect, contact the room host and verify that the host is properly configured with the external port forwarded.

Diagnostic Log
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Citra does not host your room for you. You are the server for your own room. This requires that you set up port forwarding for the port that Citra requires for the room. Otherwise nobody can join you. Refer to this for more info:

Thank you for this answer, but if I find a solution for not use a router. Will it work ?

How would I know without knowing the “solution” you “find”?..

An alternative for this might be using something like Hamachi. If both you, and the player you intend to play multiplayer with both join the same Hamachi network, and the host creates an unlisted multiplayer room, the other player should be able to use the Direct connect to room option to join the room using your Hamachi network’s IPv4 address. However, this carries obvious latency concerns. Some games don’t deal well with that.

If both you and the other player are already on the same network, Hamachi wouldn’t even be required.

For example if I connect my two PCs in my phone’s Internet. Is there a manipulation to do ?

Well, then technically what I described above would work. Though you’d have to use your phone’s IPv4 address to connect.

Thank you very much !

Sorry, I have verified but it’s always the same error. I decribe my steps :
Firstly, I have connected my two PCs in my phone’s network.
Then, I have created a room no listed.
Finally, I have connected my second PC to the room with my IPv4 adress.
It shows the same error message. Must I use differents Ports ? Is there a Port to use ? Can you help me again ?

Port 24872 should be fine.

Thank you very much ! It works !

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