How can I find save files to the new update of Citra

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  • Game: Pokemon Y, Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon Sun
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Right click on the game in question, and then click on Open Save Data Location. This should open a folder for the game’s save files.

I tried doing that but the emulator cant find the game list. I play games by dragging the file into the emulator. any solutions on that sir?

sorry for interrupting your free time. :slight_smile:

Have you tried “Double-click to add a new folder to the game list”? After you double click, navigate to the folder where your games are stored.

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Ok it works, then the “main” file is the save data??

If you’ve right clicked on the game and selected “Open Save Data Location” then yes, that is the save data

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Ok @Eloeri thank you sir for assisting me, and I’m very sorry for interrupting your free time. :smile::smile::smile:

No problem at all, it’s my pleasure :D. Enjoy! Please be sure to make another topic if you have any more issues!


Ok I will sir. :smile: