How can I Locally trade Pokemons with myself?

Title asks the question. How can I trade Pokemons locally with myself in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire using to Citra’s Locally, and does it have to be the same versions??

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Download the latest Citra Canary build through the installer for the 1st instance, and download the latest manual Canary build for the 2nd one. Once you’re done, go into the extracted Citra folder that you got from the manual build and create a user folder in there. Now copy every single file from C:/Users/your username/AppData/Roaming/Citra into your created user folder. Then, open both Citra instances and regenerate the User ID in either one of them in Emulation - Configure - System. Now the only thing left to do is to join the same server in Multiplayer - Browse Public Game Lobbies.


Hexagon, he might want to set up an unlisted room, coz he’s trading with himself. Read the FAQ for that.

It doesn’t matter. The person can join a public lobby and find the other instance in-game themselves.

I said might. But he doesn’t want his Pokemon traded off by mistake to someone else does he. That happened to me once, so I wanted to warn him.

Thank you @GDhex12 I just trade my Kadabra. I didn’t know with my other Citra I had to regenerate a new User ID. Thank you very much.

crashes and doesn’t work. even if I find myself in the lobby I can’t trade as soon as I press trade the game crashes.

Please make a new support request for your issue with the template fully filled out.