How can I play on Citra at fast speed?

Hey, I’ve seen that now we can play Pokemon games (im trying Ultra Moon) on canary build at double speed even with low performance notebooks

I’ve downloaded the latest canary and nighty builds (from citra-setup-windows download) but both only runs Pokemon UM at 50% speed (Pokemon Moon and ORAS at 70%) and I dont know what to do…

Theres no GPU option on both builds. The speed only goes to 100% when I go to pokemon or option menus… or if I enter in a small house

the old gpu option is the ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ now.
disabling Accurate Multiplication and Accurate Geometry Shader may or may not improve performance.

Already tried disabling all these options one by one and theres no better difference for me

as a last resort you can use old citra builds, but not recommended.
try build canary 408 for instance, it may improve performance.

No one can comment on speed unless you state your PC specs. A CPU with high single-core performance is recommended for Citra. Citra’s default settings are the best for performance.

There’s not much you can do to improve perfomance in the settings really, maybe if you disable accurate multiplication and accurate geomotry shader, but really the difference is minimal in my experience. Most likely your computer is not fast enough.