How can i save my game Pokemon Sun with citra

Sorry for my English but I can’t save my game Pokemon Sun because there isn’t any menu and i search if there was an option for s

You save inside the game, like you do in the real 3DS

sorry i had a little problem yes but i’m in citra nightly build and there isn’t any menu like i can do it with the real 3DS

I play with mac so i can’t download citra bloody edge

have you tried pressing the Z button on your keyboard in game wink wink

also i don’t think there is a bloody edge build for citra

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sorry i wanna say bleeding

Stop replying this way, this is not a chat, say everything you need in one post. You don’t use any Citra menu to save the game (there is no Save Sate or anything like it yet). You press the key configurated as “X” in Citra, a menu in-game will open, choose “Save” and then “Yes”.

thank you so much ravenhome it’s great

How do you save in the emulator coz I have tried pressing z and x and nothing happens ?

Make sure X button is set to Z key on the control mapper in the emulator configuration menu under input tab.

So in the face buttons area I set from the x button to y ?

When I press X button it is not opening

Check what the X button is mapped to, in Citra’s control settings.

you’re a absolute legend!