How can I unlock tezcat on inazuma eleven go chrono stone?

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Please explain what is a tezcat for those who never played this game. This sounds like something that is game related and you can google.

Tezcat is a dlc character in the original game, so I don’t know what I have to do for unlock him in citra

DLCs currently do not work in Citra.

if your available i can give him to u

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Bro plz give it to me i need wolfram vulpeen too

ok tell me when ur online

@Youssef can you trade them to me pls ?

yea sure i can even send u a save file that has all the players on it if u would like

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Est ce que tu pourrait le faire pour moi stp si t toujours dispo ?? Je suis sur citra mais je peux pas faire de téléchargement ducoup ça m’embête parce que g fini le jeu et jpeux pas recruter tezcat merci d’avance !!

Could you do it for me if not always available? I am on citra but I can not make a download that makes me bored because I finished the game and I can not recruit tezcat thank you in advance !!`

can u trade me tezcat plss

i cant currently as my hard drive is busted so if it works ill give it to u

Hello can you also send me that save file!

Well give me them i really need all the DLC characters

Hey, you still have the save file? Can you send it to me?

Bonjour, j’aimerais beaucoup obtenir Tezcat aussi, serait-il possible de faire un échange ?

HI, Can someone trade teczat and other DLC players with me? Thanks
Salut, j’aimerais aussi avoir tezcat et les autres joueurs DLC , quelqu’un pourrait-il me les donner?

Hello Youssef! Can you send the save please? I can’t recruit Vladimir and Tezcat… And your save can help me.

Thank you! ^^

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Can you pls send me the sav file as well??

bro i need them too please contact me here (thatkid.zaki) instagram