How do I 3ds file dump on my MacBook Pro?

I have a 2017 MacBook Pro and have the latest build of city nightly downloaded. I have the bin file of the fonts, although it’s a shared file, and I myself didn’t pull it from a 3ds. I need help putting it into citra nightly so it recognizes it. If anyone could help walk me through this or make a video tutorial, it would be greatly appreciated as I can’t get the shared fonts bin file to be recognized on mac.

Please refer to our System Dumping Guide.

I’ve tried and it doesn’t seem to be working

On what step are you getting problems? Do you even have a 3DS?

I do and I have the shared fonts bin file, I just don’t think I’m putting it into citra correctly.

Note that shared_font.bin is the legacy system font data dumped with the older version of 3dsutils. The new one is dumped as part of the system archives. Citra is still backwards compatible with it.

IIRC the shared_font.bin file should be placed in .\sysdata\ location in the root of the user directory.

Like in this?

What is is the directory path?

I believe it’s ~/.local/share/citra-emu/ is what I took to get to it

Then it should work.

I keep getting this message when trying to play Pokemon Omega Ruby

You need to dump the rest of the system archive which the guide that Breadfish posted tells you how to.

Okay! That was it! Thanks!

How did you dump the files on the MacBook?

You don’t the dump files on the MacBook. It’s dumped on the 3DS and then transferred to Mac.

gg I only have the game
Looks like I got to look at the System Dumping Guide and do it myself somehow.

hwlppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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