How do i get ROMS?

I have fully download the Citra emulator, however i do not know how to get games to play on it, can anyone tell me where to download any of them? (preferably pokemon sun and moon)

You dump the games from your own 3DS.

Thank you, i’ve been looking for downloadable roms and i didn’t know i had to dump them

is this a troll? …

No i just downloaded citra today and im fairly new to emulators and stuff

@Chase712 This isn’t the place for asking about dumped 3DS games. It’s better to discuss any of it outside the Citra forums.

It’s best (and should really be the only option) to just dump your own legally bought games.
We don’t allow such discussions here because we don’t want to be associated with piracy.
As such, we don’t even want people discussing this elsewhere (where we might still be associated with it).

If you use Citra, we expect you to obtain your games legally.
Obviously not everyone will respect our wishes, but even suggesting people to discuss this crap (here or elsewhere) is kind of insulting to the developers.