How do I install mods in citra?

I don’t know how to install mods, any help?

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

If by mods you mean romhacks, then the same way you would for the 3ds, you apply the patch to the dumped game.

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And how do I apply the patch?
Using the “install cia” method?

The only romhack I have experinece with used an xdelta patch and provided clear instructions. Other hacks have done other things, the creators of your romhack should have provided installation instructions to follow.

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Well, it says “You can install it via HANS or NTR CFW.” But the problem is, I think you have to do this with a real 3ds, I have the game on pc, it is already decrypted, and thus I have no idea how to install the romhack

Actually I myself have experience with Romhacks on the 3DS but if it only has the option ‘‘HANS’’ or ‘‘NTR CFW’’. Than it will not be working, you need a CIA Feature for this. Like you said you need to do this with a real 3DS, and i agree to this argument but i think there are other Ways. You might need to search it on Youtube. Might something like: ‘‘How to play every Romhack on Citra Emulator?’’, something like that? Maybe than you find the solution for this Problem, i would help you, but i dont have the right knowledge! :thinking:

Well I’ll be. If it’s Pokemon, you don’t need a 3DS to build a romhack. Just a simple computer and some tools for you to dump the game and rebuild it(HackingToolKit3DS). There are guides on the Pokemon Hacking Community somewhere on the internet. Not only Pokemon, this kind of dumping and rebuilding also works on some games. Some games do require another tool to patch it.

If it’s Smash 3DS, just follow my guide to install mods in Smash 3DS here on this site.
Which begs the question, why isn’t there a LayeredFS support on this emulator?

Thanks for the Smash Tutorila by the way!

what about mk7 …