How do I play on Citra with the backup of my 3DS data?

Hello, I am asking this question because I can no longer play my games on my CFW-modded 3DS console because it lost all the data after I accidentally deleted the file folder with a string of random numbers and letters with the unique encrypted SD card data. However, I do have a backup of the same folder from 11/27/22. Is it possible to play the games on Citra even after I lost all the data from the 3DS? Does it change anything that I booted the console after deleting the file and the 3DS system making new data? I would prefer playing on original 3DS hardware because my laptop can’t run Citra at a stable framerate. Is it possible to get the data back to play on the 3DS using something like Godmode9 or Luma3DS?

We can’t use NAND backups directly in Citra. However, you may be able to recover your 3DS’ usability with that backup, though I’m too illiterate on that subject to help you with that. However, there are those who can help you with that: Nintendo Homebrew