How do I recognize cheat Pokemons?

Hello! I got few Pokemons by trading online and I am not sure if they are cheated. What makes me suspicious: I got a Scyther and when I reproduce him with ditto the baby Scyther was not in a pokeball instead he was in a Quickball like his mother. I reproduced many pokemon and all of them grew up in pokeball but not this one. Is this normal?

kind regards


You can’t just make characteristics inheritable by cheat codes if it wasn’t meant to be like that by the game.
Pokeball inheritance was introduced in generation 6 (Pokemon X & Y). Female Pokemon can now inherit the ball they were caught in to their children. There are some exception though, like Cherish Ball is not inheritable.

If you have doubts you can load your save in PKHeX and check the Pokemons legality

thank you I will try it out !