How do I rip models from Citra?

I have tried a OpenGL extractor but it didnt detect any models to rip from Citra. If it helps any, I am trying to rip the models from Metroid: Samus Returns.

Citra is an emulator, not a ROM disassembler. There are plenty of tools online that should be able to achieve this.

You took my question too literally. There are tools that can inject into OpenGL applications (like Citra) and “capture” model and texture data. However, they all fail on Citra. I also have no idea of hacking rom files, only decrypting them for use in Citra.

Yes I know what you meant. You need to extract the contents of the ROM using a tool in order to do this.

And about capturing from OpenGL, only static models with a fixed geometry can be captured, iirc. This is not the case with Citra. So it will not work. (I feel I oversimplified here.)

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Then can you at least point me in the right direction of extracting a rom to get model files?

Go to GBATemp’s ROM Hacking Thread. You should find a link to HackingToolkit3DS. Use that. Sorry, I don’t recall the exact stuff, but it is on GBATemp, somewhere.

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Perfect, everyhing is extracted. Thanks.
Managed to conver some bcwav music files.
Still have to figure out how to extract .pkg files that include models.


The people on GBATemp can help you with that, if you can’t find a way.

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Hey there, any luck with this m