How do i use cheats?

I can’t use cheats:
I’m trying to use Cheats to rematch against trainers in pokemon moon, but how i do this?

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hello, I’m not sure if this is allowed but, You have to look for cheat codes, I use mine here.(You can read how to below the link)

  1. You have to go to C:/Users/“PCname”/%APPDATA%/Roaming/Citra/Cheats
    (Thats where you put the cheats, You have to make a notepad “TXT Document”, Rename that txt document to The game ID/ Title ID you need. Example: Game: Animal Crossing; ID= 0004000000086400.)

  2. After you rename your txt document, Open that txt doc in a notepad mode, The head over to the site where I sent you the link , Then copy the Codes and paste it in your note pad. Then Save.Close the note pad and head over to your Citra Emulator.

3.If your citra is open, close it and reopen. Check in your cheats menu(IN Citra) if it’s there.

  1. To activate the cheats: Just check the box in the cheats menu and press ok.

I hope I helped you :blush:

But, my darling.
I already create a TXT archive with Pokemon moon ID, and i put the cheat there, but i can’t use it

Have you check if the ID you have is the same as the Game ID you’re playing?

This is Pokemon moon ID

Here, look

Try removing the “.txt” in the name its suppose to be like this:
Only the ID is shown in mine, there is no “.txt” on the name.
The File type already shows what type it is I don’t think you need the “.txt” in the name as well
I did that as well putting the “.txt” in the name with the ID it didn’t work but when I erased it, It worked. I really hope I solved your problem :blush:

Thanks, it’s really solve the problem <3

You’re Welcome! Happy to help :blush:

Sorry for come back… But.
I still can’t use, for some reason, still is don’t working.

Hi it’s me again, May I see how you wrote your cheats in the notepad?

Yes <3

Those codes are big :hushed:, Its suppose to be like this:
Let me show you mine.
You need to put the Name of the code above it with a “[…]”
like this…

[Max Money v1.0]
D3000000 30000000
030D8FC0 0098967F

Can you teach me how to let the codes like that? And how to put names in the codes.

do you still have the link that I gave you? The site with the codes?

Yep. I has, so now, what i must to do?

Something just like this? (Do do do, do do do)

Search for the game that you want to cheat in the site (the link that I gave you)
I choose the game Pokemon Sun.

You open that txt file (as you see in that image above you, its has a txt file there, open that)
It will become like this:

Now copy every cheat there including the name, Not one by one but you can drag your mouse(hold left mouse button) to highlight the cheats until all the cheats are highlighted.

Paste the cheats you highlight on the notepad (txt document) then save.

Close citra again, you can save the game before closing. The reopen citra. Open the game then check if its there.

The format of the cheat codes should be like this:

btw, you should delete the cheats first on you notepad (txt document) and recopy the new one and paste there.

I hope I helped you :blush:

In the end, is gonna stay like this?

If i did the thinks right… There’s some reason for the first code don’t work?