How do i use cheats?

The first code, says there (Hold L and talk to trainers) to rematch the trainers.
Means you got to hold your L button until you talk to the trainer you want to battle.
(Do not let go of the L button until you talk to the trainer.)

There are some cheats you need buttons to activate them. :blush:
I hope I helped you.

Thanks my darling <3
Sorry if i can’t call you “darling” But here in Brazil that’s really normal.
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Can i count with your help in the future? I’m really bad in make everything <3

btw I look through the cheat codes in the link I gave you. Pokemon Moon has alot of cheat codes. :open_mouth::blush:

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Thanks <3
I will use the cheats in the future

That’s fine, I don’t mind. :smile:

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My pleasure, I’m happy to help :blush:

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My darling, you know how to use this cheat here?

update your build to the latest version. it has an add cheats button now.


Yes, it has, its easier to do it now. :blush:

Hi sorry for the delay, I slept, It says there that you need to “press L”
If that didn’t work try holding the L button and talk to trainers… but because of the Rematch trainer I think you just need to press the “L button” that’s it. I haven’t use that cheat yet, because I used the “Z-move can be use many times” cheat.

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So uhm i got a question,

Im using the citra nightly build

I tried playing ultra sun with shiny cheat but it didnt work, also had to stop playing the game cuz it stopped working after i got rotom dex.

Now im playing pokemon X. And tried the shiny cheat again and it still does not work… what to do

Check if your cheat works with your game update version, e.g: a cheat for USUM v1.1 may not work with V1.2.

well i downloaded the pokemon x v1.3, downloaded the 1.5 cxi file to update it. but cheats still wont work.

Can you help me with LBX cheat it seem the cheat won’t work even if i press the button instruct on the cheat description

Hi, i tried to follow all your steps but the cheats still doesnt work. I am currently playing ultra sun and moon.

how do i get cheats in new super mario bros 2 gold edition? anyone?

I’m trying to use cheats in PROJECT MIRAI Deluxe, but it doesn’t show “Cheats” in “Emulator”. Any help? I created a folder using the game ID.

You need to have a text file with the game ID in the cheats folder. If you are getting cheats from you can simply save the raw text file and place it there.

I did that, but then it doesn’t show anything either. Do I need to place the .txt inside the folder, or I delete the folder, or I just place it in the “cheats” folder? By the way, there wasn’t any “cheats” folder when I was in the Citra appdata, so I created it.