How do i use cheats?

Can you teach me how to let the codes like that? And how to put names in the codes.

do you still have the link that I gave you? The site with the codes?

Yep. I has, so now, what i must to do?

Something just like this? (Do do do, do do do)

Search for the game that you want to cheat in the site (the link that I gave you)
I choose the game Pokemon Sun.

You open that txt file (as you see in that image above you, its has a txt file there, open that)
It will become like this:

Now copy every cheat there including the name, Not one by one but you can drag your mouse(hold left mouse button) to highlight the cheats until all the cheats are highlighted.

Paste the cheats you highlight on the notepad (txt document) then save.

Close citra again, you can save the game before closing. The reopen citra. Open the game then check if its there.

The format of the cheat codes should be like this:

btw, you should delete the cheats first on you notepad (txt document) and recopy the new one and paste there.

I hope I helped you :blush:

In the end, is gonna stay like this?

If i did the thinks right… There’s some reason for the first code don’t work?

The first code, says there (Hold L and talk to trainers) to rematch the trainers.
Means you got to hold your L button until you talk to the trainer you want to battle.
(Do not let go of the L button until you talk to the trainer.)

There are some cheats you need buttons to activate them. :blush:
I hope I helped you.

Thanks my darling <3
Sorry if i can’t call you “darling” But here in Brazil that’s really normal.
Well, i’m enroling.
Can i count with your help in the future? I’m really bad in make everything <3

btw I look through the cheat codes in the link I gave you. Pokemon Moon has alot of cheat codes. :open_mouth::blush:

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Thanks <3
I will use the cheats in the future

That’s fine, I don’t mind. :smile:

I’m happy to help whatever I can. :blush:

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My pleasure, I’m happy to help :blush:

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My darling, you know how to use this cheat here?

update your build to the latest version. it has an add cheats button now.


Yes, it has, its easier to do it now. :blush:

Hi sorry for the delay, I slept, It says there that you need to “press L”
If that didn’t work try holding the L button and talk to trainers… but because of the Rematch trainer I think you just need to press the “L button” that’s it. I haven’t use that cheat yet, because I used the “Z-move can be use many times” cheat.

You can message me directly, Just click on my name then click message :blush:

So uhm i got a question,

Im using the citra nightly build

I tried playing ultra sun with shiny cheat but it didnt work, also had to stop playing the game cuz it stopped working after i got rotom dex.

Now im playing pokemon X. And tried the shiny cheat again and it still does not work… what to do

Check if your cheat works with your game update version, e.g: a cheat for USUM v1.1 may not work with V1.2.

well i downloaded the pokemon x v1.3, downloaded the 1.5 cxi file to update it. but cheats still wont work.