How do i use cheats?

what do you do if you dont even have the option to press the cheat menu up how can you fix that?

If you are on PC update Citra to the latest version. Download Citra - Citra
If you are on mobile you are out of luck, there’s no cheats menu yet.

hey, so I have some kind of problem. Everytime I enable a cheat and entry the game (pokemon ultrasun) it freezes, any help?

I am looking through my files and I don’t see my Citra file in Roaming. It is in Local and I also don’t see a cheats folder or notepad thing. My game is Pokemon Y so I don’t know if there is a special file or something I did wrong?

Start Citra, then go to File>Open Citra Folder. That should open up the folder where Citra stores your user folders, including the cheats folder.

i need help putting cheats on senran kagura2 Deep crimson

i think i got it working ill repost if it dosnt