How do i use custom save files downloaded on the internet? Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

so basically i downloaded a save file off the internet and i tried to run it by replacing the main file which is essentially the save file and with that deleted it still ran from my save. so i was confused and then deleted all game data from the game itself and then added the internet save into the 0000001 folder but it still doesnt load that save someone please help me

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The save data is located at:
C:/Users/your username/AppData/Roaming/Citra/sdmc/Nintendo 3DS/(a lot of 0s)/(a lot of 0s)/title/00040000

You place that savedata right there.

Hexagon12 ok when I get on my pc I will look there

To be clear you can right click the game in the list, select “Open Sava Data Location” and replace the file. The default location for storing saves and configurations is in %appdata%/citra/ (what Hexagon12 mentioned). If you have a user folder in your Citra directory, then Citra is using portable mode and saves will be read from there instead of the default location.

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It won’t let me right click and nothing shows up and hexagon12 I get a different folder instead of title after all the 0s

And that folder is empty is this because that’s where the save is meant to be? Because i deleted the save data on alpha sapphire

You need to select the Game directory (File -> Select Game Directory).

wait im pretty sure the game directory is for the rom itself not the save or am i wrong?

Do as @Leo121 said and select the folder where the ROM is located.

ive already done that ages ago

What folders are there? Which version of the Alpha Sapphire are you running? USA? EUR?

the folder thats there is called extdata and im using the EUR version of AS

is the extdata the backup folder for pkhex? where did it come from?

That’s normal.

Create a folder named “title” inside the same folder you found the “extdata” folder. Inside the "title folder, create another folder named “0011c500”. Now copy all the files from the save you got and paste them to that folder.

ok will do thanks so far man appreciate teh help :slight_smile:

wait just the main file or the whole thing?

yeah i dont know which one because ive just tried putting the main file and the folder i got the main from both in there so pls can u tell me which exact files to put in there. and it didnt work both times

The whole thing with the 00000001 folder.

so all the folders which are different languages in one folder AND the 00000001 folder??

im sorry i was away for quite some time and have a different question how do i run a SPECIFIC save file from the save file directory and how do i check where ALL my save files are located because i really dont know what save file my game is using right now since i have replaced the main file with another