How do you play with both screen?

simple question, i want to play ocarina of time in my living room with my 65’’ tv. id like to play it with my xbox 360 controller and the keystick software. but how do im supposed to access and equip the item that are on the second screen ?

You cannot currently bind touch screen locations to the controller. However, Ocarina of Time has two item slots that correspond to physical buttons so, of course, you can use those. You’ll have to have your mouse/keyboard with you for any other touch screen interaction.

thank you i found that i could map the mouse to the right thumbstick and the left click to the thumbstick button. it work fine so far with keystick !

Hello, the easy way is buy the steam controller and install Steam, then you can assign Citra in your library and configure your steam controller.

My config is easy, right trackpad run like a mouse and my right trigger like a left button of the mouse, the rest are key binding of my keyboard.

Now you can move the arrow of the mouse with your controller and touch anything on the second screen using the right trigger.