How does every Citra users got nightly 1753 and me nightly 1716?

My Citra software has been bugged, it didn’t notified me for update. I also tried Help>Check for Updates and it said “No Updates found”, but the update is available and no updates found? This is weird it has been bugged, and I created a topic to ask if I uninstalled Citra and reinstalled it, do I have nightly 1753? If I am gonna do this, I feel my entire save files is gone after reinstall Citra, does it erase my save files? If so, then how do I backup my save files? (Sorry for my grammar English)

My Citra version: Nightly 1716

Are you using a portable build (do you have a folder called user in the same folder as Citra’s executable "citra-qt(.exe))? If so, back-up the user folder somewhere safe. Then install Citra using Citra’s installer. After installation, open up the updated Citra and go to File>Open Citra Folder. Move the contents of the user folder you backed up into the folder that opened up and overwrite when prompted.

If there isn’t a user folder in your executable folder, then you’re fine to just delete the build and (re-)install Citra using Citra’s installer. Your save files shouldn’t be affected.

Where can I find user folder? File>Open Citra Folder>nand>data>00000000000000000000000000000000>extdata>00048000>F000000B and there is user folder???

Or the user folder should be in Citra folder?

^ Citra will store the folders in your screenshot inside of a folder called user if it detects that user folder in the same location as where citra-qt(.exe) is located. If that folder doesn’t exist for you in that location:

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Ahh gotcha, now I understand what you mean. It‘s difficult to me to understand lol but thank you, it‘s helpful

So even if user doesn‘t exist, should I take Citra Folder to somewhere safe and uninstall or just uninstall Citra?

Citra saves it’s installation data and updater to %localappdata%/citra. Citra saves it’s user data to %appdata%/citra (so this contains your save files and such). When you uninstall Citra, %localappdata%/citra gets deleted, %appdata%/citra remains unaffected.

So uninstalling shouldn’t affect your save files whatsoever. However, you can always back up your user folders regardless. It’s never a bad idea to have an extra back up just in case after all.

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