How to add patches and updates to a game on citra

Hello everyone.

I have a game I want to play called Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. I have it, and I’ve played it on citra. It works perfectly.

However, I would like to add a patch to the game called “True Love Edition”. It’s a patch created by this user:

I’ve been trying to look up tutorial guides on youtube and nothing has really helped me. Currently, I have hackingtoolkit3ds installed, but I have no idea what to do from here on out.

So how do I put the fan-made True Love Edition patch into my game?

If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it.

Also, I’m not tech-savvy at all, so please explain it to me in very simple terms.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Rom modding/hacking is not officially supported. but maybe you didn’t patch/mod your rom properly, run it on your 3DS just to make sure that it loads.

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personally, i use HackingToolKit9ds version 9 to repack, and the version 11 to unpack.
That being said, you unpack your game to retreive your romfs and exefs folders, then in your exefs your will have your code.bin, wich is the file you wanna patch. you can patch with the software ‘lips’, jsut put your code.bin it the same folder as ‘lips’ as well as teh patch you download (assuming its an ips file) then patch it with ‘lips’ . then, take your patched ‘code.bin’ file and put it back in the folder exefs you extracted earlier with hackingtoolkit, then, repack your game (well…the update, if theres an update for it…you actually patch your update and then install it as cia on citra…) and it will repack it with the modified code.bin you dropped in your exefs folder.

Have fun and take your time :slight_smile: