How to ban/kick players in own multiplayer room while connecting to localhost

I’m not sure how to ban or kick players in my multiplayer rooms.

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At first,Let me apologize for my poor English.

I could ban/kick them before,when i was creating rooms by using citra-qt.exe.
But now,I’m hosting rooms from CommandSender(cmd.exe) with citra-room.exe.
And I wrote how I use it down below.
So,I have to direct connect to my rooms(localhost= and my username is not reflected.
The reason why the username is not reflected is that the connecting to my room doesn’t go through the WebAPI.
I think if the username is reflected,then I will be able to ban/kick them.
Therefore,It would be helpful if i could receive some advice about these matters.

Using citra-room.exe for example
「start citra-room.exe --room-name “Omission” --room-description “Omission” --port OmissionNumbers --max_members 3 --preferred-game “Pokemon” --preferred-game-id OmissionNumbers --username “bittinenn” --token “Omission” --web-api-url

System Information

  • Operating System: “Win7 professional”
  • Citra Version: "Citra Nightly 1264(Almost latest version of Citra nightly) "
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

    ↑ It’s screenshot includes window of my room and multiplayer lobby
    ↑ It’s screenshot includes commandsender with citra-room.exe

Diagnostic Log
I think the log is not needed for this time.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Hi there! I’m afraid that currently, Direct Connect doesn’t go through the Web API and as such will not authenticate you as the room host. If you want to use moderation features, you should announce your room to the lobby (i.e. host a public room as you already do) and connect to the room in the lobby.

tl;dr: Direct Connect doesn’t support moderation, use the lobby instead

Thank you for reply.

when I’m hosting with commandsender,Unable to connect to my room.
Because It shows error like this

I want to authenticate my username while connecting to localhost or better way.

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Thank you supporters.
If there is no solution,This post doesn’t need more reply
【Add P.S.】
Thank you supporters.
The reason why I chose the way of command sender is that
I wanted to change room-name over 20 char and the number of Max Players over 16.
The only demerit using command sender is that we can’t ban/kick players without using another connection (or friend whom we are sharing username-token with).
In addition,it seems we can’t use command in command sender with citra-room.exe.
if It exists, could you teach me?

Hi there, if you are hosting on your personal computer, you need to configure port forwarding on your router so that others (not in your local network) can connect.

I have already succeeded in the port forwarding.
It can be proved by looking at picture above.
Because they are not people from(in) my local network

Emm… The command line app (citra-room.exe) doesn’t do logs currently…

What is really strange is that you cannot connect via the lobby. Sorry I have no idea about that.