How to change fps limit or optimize emulator

i need limit fps where i want like 60fps. there is option limit your fps what you can check but it drops it 30fps if i uncheck it well i think every one knows what happens, it takes a boost yes but not a good one tho banging fps 18-+1000fps on sec makes games unplayable …well i have tiny solution here to change clocks on my PC but i just find it to be too much work every time change them (to my opinion i don’t want to optimize my pc to emulator i want it other way around ) so i hope there (what i may have overseen) is advance option somewhere where i can optimize emulator better to suit my pc ?

System Information

  • Operating System: win10
  • CPU: amd-fx 6300 +4600MHz OC
  • GPU: Gtx 660 OC
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): citra-nightly-8f0a23b63192ccd62faf45b884393247ff97b8e3
  • Game: Pokemon Moon

Pokémon Moon natively runs at 30fps, and drops every second frame to keep with that. Hence framerate limiting (60/2) locks your game at 30fps.

I don’t understand what you are trying to say further on there on the remark about 18fps.

There are no hidden options to optimise the emulator for particular hardware configurations beyond what exists within the configuration window.

Citra is currently in very early stages of development. Games usually run less than full-speed even on the best computers.

You could also try to disable V-Sync and enable Limit Framerate. There’s also the outline removal trick that gives a few more frames, but I think the forum rules don’t allow me to post a tutorial here about that.

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oh ok… and i ment i just want to put max fps limit to 60 because i cant take otherwise fps limit off because speed of my games goes like 100% to over 1000% without limiter and i find it impossible to play some times … so i have been playing around CPU clocks and mem to get that fps little pit down …its like i try to optimize my pc to the game harsh way

Running the game at 60fps like you are trying to say will mean that it is effectively running at 200% speed. Audio will be double speed and sound harsh. Movement will be double speed. etc etc.

Instead of messing around with your CPU could I suggest playing around with different vsync implementations, or just stick to the default framerate.

well that was the point to get some times 200% when i get boored so i want to fast skip and fast run i dont care an that point what sounds is like …and then put limit back when i feel like it to 30fps

I think I understand now - similar to the capability in, say, GB/GBA emulators? In that case, no. There is no option currently to limit framerate to arbitrary levels at this point. Just to point it out as well, there is no hotkey to toggle the limiter either for now.

but yeah well i think i wait little longer then when this emu has advance options on configure tap …but its nice to see this project is still on i was sure they give up this an 1-2 years ago. May be frame skipper would be better one then to add like every second frame so it will not affect that much sounds if people want sounds good

@Selby this topic was screenshotted and discussed in this video (from a YouTuber I normally watch pretty religiously but am fairly disappointed he didn’t look up any context of the quote before using it, since you were completely in the right and he was in the wrong in this scenario). Just figured I should let you know (and I can’t DM, since I created this account just to say this).


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