How to create custom designs from image and add to Animal Crossing: New Leaf

So I have created this realistic-looking blue flannel-undershirt design in AC:NL.
bandicam 2018-01-13 12-46-53-439

But then I thought that people would ask me that how do I create this. So that’s why I’ve created this guide so you can create your own designs and add it to AC:NL. You can use the same techniique to add designs in an actual 3DS game of AC:NL.

(BTW, I didn’t actually created this, I just convert the real image to this format and tweak it a little bit. But that doesn’t matter, it’s my design!)

So, here’s how to create AC:NL designs from images:

  1. Go to Thulinma’s AC:NL Pattern Tool.
  2. Set the optimization option on the side of “Convert image”.
  3. Now on the “Convert image”, select the pic you want to make a design of, then it’ll convert it to an AC:NL pattern. (.gif files won’t work, it’ll get messed up.)
  4. Now click “Download ACNL file”, and it’ll download a .acnl file of the pattern.
  5. Now go to Marc Robledo’s AC:NL save editor.
  6. Open your “garden.dat” file (or “garden_plus.dat” in Welcome amiibo). It it the save file of AC:NL. You can find it by right-clicking the game on the Citra’s game list, then select “Open Save Data Location”.
  7. In the Player tab, select one of your Pro designs. Then export the pattern. Don’t close it yet.
  8. Now open your Pro design .acnl file in the pattern tool. Click the “Copy creator” button.
  9. Now open that design .acnl file you’re going to add in the game. Click the “Paste creator” button. You need to do this so the game will recognize it as your design instead of someone else’s. Download it again.
  10. Now, in the AC:NL save editor, select the pattern you want to replace, then import the .acnl file that has the new design with your creator name.
  11. Click “Save changes” on the top-right. It’ll download an updated save file.
  12. Replace the AC:NL save file with the new downloaded one.

And now you got this image-imported design in the game. You can now edit it to create a pro design.

If you want to create a shirt-on-shirt pro design like mine, simply create a plain color symmetric rectangle on the front side of pattern, then shade its edges except the bottom.