How to download games

I’m pretty confused on how I get games to play, my 3DS has been broken for a while and I don’t have the money to fix it right now so I tried look for an alternative, my friend uses citra but he plays on android and I’m trying to play on PC, I can look at the games that is on the citra website but I can’t download any, and when I watch tutorials on how to get these games on YouTube they are really confusing and don’t show it step by step. The games I want to get are Pokémon ones and I have a really good pc I just need to know how to get them. I’ve downloaded citra perfectly fine my only problem is the games, so if I can get some help it would be appreciated!

You don’t. You have to own the games you want to play and copy/transfer them from your 3DS. Now, from my understanding, it doesn’t have to be YOUR 3DS. If somebody you know has a 3DS, and they’re okay with you hacking/installing CFW on their device, you can do that as long as you still own the games you want to play