How to dump and decrypt 3DS Games [New Method]

  • Launch GodMode9

  • Press HOME and select Scripts

  • Select GM9MegaScript on the list

  • Then go to Miscellaneous

  • Go to Cartridge Options

  • Then go to Dump Cart to .3ds

  • Make sure if you have enough space on SD Card Press (A) to proceed

  • Wait the process

  • Press (A) and Press (A) again to decrypt

  • Wait the process

  • Enjoy with your decrypted Game [if you have trouble post on this topic here] :slight_smile:


Uhh. This is old method. The recent update of GM9 can dump the game without the script.

  • Select Trim.3ds
  • NCSD image options…
  • Decrypt file (0:/gm9/out)

Make sure you have enough space to dump it.