How to Fix Open GL 3.3 Error

Hi, I’ve been getting a lot of error messages when trying to run a game. I’ve been getting How to Fix Open GL 3.3 Error and already made sure that the Direct 3D accelaration is enabled and also Accurate Multiplication

citra_log.txt (4.5 KB)

Do you have any graphics card in your computer? You can check by going to Device Manager and then expand Display adapters, maybe take a screenshot like this one:

No I don’t, just the one that came with the computer… what is the lowest graphic card that I need?

So it says like Intel Chipset something? (if you can tell me what it says in Device Manager like in my screenshot it would be nice).

Any Nvidia graphics card from the last 8 years or so should work. My old GTX 680 was fine for Citra. Just check what power connectors your power supply has and what the graphics card you want to buy requires. My old GTX 680 required 2x 6-pin while my 1070 requires only 1x 8-pin. Also check what wattage the power supply is rated for.