How to fix Pokemon x corrupted save file?

pokemon x currupted save file i dont know why pls help me i dont want to delete it pls

no supporter answer me…

why no one answer it to me

You need to give more information about what exactly you did before it got corrupted. Save files don’t just get corrupted without a reason.
Did you use any cheats or a save file editor (like PKHeX)?

It would also help if you upload your log file How to Upload the Log File

i use cheat after playing enter hall of frame and it not responding 15 minute and it crash when it crash i open it again and it said savedata corrupted

Then you can’t do much. You could try using PKHeX to fix you save file (open the save file and save it without doing any changes). If that won’t work your save is lost unfortunately.
For the future remember to keep backups if you are going to play around with cheats.