How to get 30 fps on Pokemon moon

The citra team should really try to start make citra faster on those computer who have opengl 2.2 and above for low end specs I’m getting like 5 fps or 8 but in buildings it is like 16 fps. I’m not angry just saying the should start working on it. My specs is Intel celeron opengl. 2.16

even if citra is optimized your celeron cpu will most likely be horribly under powered and may not suffice.

the focus right now is accuracy, there is still a lot to handle before one would start looking into improving performance.

I can guarantee an Intel Celeron will never be powerful enough to play Citra.

Intel atom? Is it powerful

That’s even worse than a Celeron.

Intel planitum ? OK?

nope you need to start looking somewhere with the core i series and not the weak u series,

But there is no hack to run it faster righ?

Nope. No hacks available and never will be available.

Citra is still in it’s early days and most games don’t run at full speed even on the best computers.

OK thanks !! For helping