How to get cheats in Citra 3ds Emulator


Hello, Citra community. So, I recently found out that you can use an application called Cheat Engine on the Citra emulator. Basically, you can use this application if for any reason you want to cheat in games. Normally, this would be accomplished by a built-in cheat code function in the emulator, but unfortunately, Citra is not far enough in development for cheat codes to be implemented. I, personally, would prefer the developers work on making Citra a more competent emulator than have a cheat code function added. But for those of you who care, I’ve decided to share this information with you. Follow these steps if you want to use cheats in your game:

Step 1: Download Cheat Engine from Click the very large and obvious “Download Cheat Engine” button, then just skip the offers and your download will start.

Step 2: Install Cheat Engine. Agree to the first prompt, but make sure you don’t install anything you don’t want. This application has an offer in it that may trick you if you’re not paying attention.

Step 3: After it is installed, run Citra and launch the game you want cheats for.

Step 4: Run Cheat Engine. It will ask you for Administrator Privileges, so just confirm that. (You can try out the tutorial if you want, but it’s not relevant to this.)

Step 5: Click the little computer icon in the top left corner of the window. It should be changing colors.

Step 6: Double-click citra-qu.exe. It will enable some text boxes, check boxes, etc.

Step 7: In Citra, go to where the number value you want to change is. For me, it’s the amount of money I have, 671.

Step 8: Go to Cheat Engine and in the value box, type the number and press enter or First Scan.

Step 9: It will usually come up with several different results, so what you want to do is change the value that you’re looking for in-game. This could mean buying something or tossing something out for example. After doing that, go back to Cheat Engine and type the new value into the value box and press enter or Next Scan. This will narrow your results so it is easier to find. Keep repeating this process until only one is left and then double-click it. If you are trying to duplicate items, but you only have a few of them, do it as many times as you are willing and then just click one and press CTRL+A, then double-click any of them. Make sure they all transfer to the lower box. Click one in the lower box and press CTRL+A to select them all. That way, you can edit them all. Note that editing multiple values could mess up the game, so make sure you save first. This is why it is better to narrow your search down to one.

I came up with 2 results, but most likely they are for the same thing, so it’s okay.

Step 10: In the lower box, double-click the current value and type whatever number you want. If you want this number to stay as the number you typed, click the Keep Active checkbox.

And then you’re done! If you did everything correctly, you should see the number you typed in your game. You may have to exit out of that menu in the game and go back to see any changes. I’ve tested this, and it doesn’t just change the amount it appears as, it changes the actual thing.

I found another, more complex topic about cheats involving Cheat Engine, so if you want, you can go check that one out, too.

Thank you for reading this whole thing and I hope this helped!


cheat engine is great but you never know when is game going to crash and there are no save slots on my Citra or not find them jet…