How to Get Mii Maker?

I wanted to transfer some of the Miis I’d made for Miitopia to wherever Miis are stored in Citra and it told me I didn’t have any Mii Maker save data. I figure I needed a rom but couldn’t find one, and I’ve seen that other people have been able to use Mii Maker so I wanted to know how.

You need to dump the Mii Maker app with your 3DS.

How can I do that I don’t have a 3ds

The answer to that is to buy one, even a 2DS is enough which is around $60-80 on Amazon.

I have 14 years and my parents don’t want to buy me one

Then you’re out of luck on here. Citra isn’t about piracy or playing games that you don’t already own

Where can I find the Mii Maker app in godmode9, I don’t know where to find and dump it.

Lo puedes descargar para el emulador de citra.

Cuando yo lo busque lo encontré en un vídeo de you tube.