How to import custom designs to Animal Crossing: New Leaf in Citra

So there’s no camera feature yet for Citra, and you’re thinking how to import designs from QR codes? Well, you can add them without the camera feature. I’ve found out that the tool I’ve mentioned in my previous tutorial, can also read AC:NL QR codes. Just make sure that Pro designs are four separate pics and not a joined pic. The process is similar to my previous guide.

  1. Go to Thulinma’s AC:NL Pattern Tool.
  2. On “Load .acnl file or QR code”, upload all four QR codes in order, one by one.
  3. The design will appear. Now download the .acnl file.
  4. Now go to Marc Robledo’s AC:NL save editor.
  5. Open your “garden.dat” file (or “garden_plus.dat” in Welcome amiibo).
  6. In the Player tab, select one of your designs. Then import the .acnl pattern file.
  7. Click “Save changes” on the top-right. It’ll download an updated save file. Replace the AC:NL save file with the new downloaded one.

Now you’re done! If you want to edit those designs, you need to edit the “creator” data so that it appears as your own design in the game. Follow the steps 6-9 in my previous AC:NL guide to find out how to change “creator” data.

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This guide is not needed anymore, as Citra has now implemented the camera feature. Just go to Emulation -> Configure -> Camera and set the “Camera image source” to “Still Image (image)” and check “Prompt before loading”. Like this, when the game asks for the camera, simply browse for the QR code image and it’ll scan the pattern from it.

Note that you need to resize the QR code image if it is too large.

(Also, if you want to edit the custom designs in-game, follow the steps 6-9 in my previous AC:NL guide to find out how to change “creator” data so it shows that it’s your design.)