How to increase FPS on Ctira emulator

I am just curious on how I can increase the speed for the Citra emulator. A specific game I am trying to get to go a little bit faster is “HYRULE WARRIORS LEGENDS” for the 3DS. I am trying to get it to at least be a little bit more playable like this… I have a laptop with very high specs and a high end graphics card.

pcmaker is known to create custom and optimized builds for his videos to give the best possible experience.
He’s also running the emulator on a very high end PC

It’s a glimpse into the future and not something you should expect from current versions of Citra or current PCs.


PCmaker? Do you have a link to his Youtube video? I would like to speak with him regarding making a build specific for my y70 touch screen lenovo high end gaming pc! :slight_smile:

John GodGames = pcmaker = the author of the video you linked.

It’s not exactly easy to create these builds and we don’t officially support it on these forums.

Also I’d assume that pcmaker is busy with his YouTube channel and helping emu devs documenting bugs (he uses his builds to test how complete the emu is or which features should / have to be worked on).

So really your only hope is to wait for others to improve the emu for you OR you’ll have to learn a lot (which probably takes a couple of months / years). However, we can’t really help you with that - you’ll probably want to find good tutorials / books or university courses about git, C++ etc. - these are not specific to Citra.

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Ahh I see. Thanks for the helpful advice!

Don’t worry though. You won’t need a high-end PC to run citra in the future, we are just concentrated on accuricy but there’s a lot of optimization potential.

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