How to input text

Hello, I’ve been trying Gnosia on the emulator, but when I press A to input I don’t get any prompt to introduce text. When I tried other games like Pokemon Sword I got a prompt from the emulator to introduce the text from outside. Is there any kind of way to make that by myself and be able to introduce text?

Full screen:

Use your pc keyboard, same happened to me in a few games.

Sorry I didn’t understand what you meant by this.
I am facing the same problem in Gnosia. Can you please elaborate?

I’m using the keyboard but it doesn’t do anything. Do I need to touch something on the settings? Right now my input is set as Pro Controller, and I have my keyboard mapped to the buttons.

The first screenshot I posted is a text label to introduce your name in the game. After pressing the A button to introduce it, I don’t get anything popping up on the screen, so there is no way for me to introduce the name.

The same is happening to me. The keyboard input form is not showing, and writing things in the keyboard doesn’t do anything either. My controls are bound to a Pro pad controller using the Xbox pad.

Edit: Mmmm, taking a look at the logs, something seems to not be implemented:

[  27.000165] Service.AM <Warning> core\hle\service\am\am.cpp:GetLibraryAppletLaunchableEvent:375: (STUBBED) called
[  27.005049] Service.AM <Warning> core\hle\service\am\am.cpp:GetIndirectLayerConsumerHandle:1007: (STUBBED) called
[  27.018496] Debug <Critical> core\hle\service\am\applets\software_keyboard.cpp:ExecuteInteractive:134: Assertion Failed! Request D is not implemented
[  27.019627] Debug <Critical> core\hle\service\am\applets\software_keyboard.cpp:ExecuteInteractive:134: Assertion Failed! Request E is not implemented
[  27.054928] Service.AM <Error> core\hle\service\am\am.cpp:PopInteractiveOutData:979: storage is a nullptr. There is no data in the current interactive channel

Sorry I seemed to have made a mistake. I was replying to CouslandU.

But yeah, I don’t see any keyboard popup. I tried it with another game and it happened automatically. Just doesn’t happen with Gnosia.