How to make multiple saves for a single save game?

This isn’t a technical problem, so I’m posting it as general.
I want to attempt to create another save file for a single-save game. However, I don’t know how to do this. Is there anyway to do so without losing the first save-file? I don’t want to potentialy lose days of gameplay for this.

in the citra game select screen -

right click the game, open the save data location and copy the files in the folder and copy it to a different location and then open the game. you can then hard reset your game and so you can basically have two saves for a game. remember to switch out the 2nd save whenever you wanna play the first save.

Just made a new side save, then checked the old save. Still works, thank you!

no problem! did this with pokemon saves all the time :stuck_out_tongue: