How To Play 10X Native @ 60+ FPS With Only 80 Dollars

In this thread I will show you what I did to build a PC for under 100$ that can play Pokemon Omega Ruby 10X Native @ 60+FPS.

This dude was selling an OptiPlex 380 at school so I ditched school, biked home, got money, and bought it from him. [$5]

The system was kinda crap though, it only had a dual core processor and no dedicated graphics card.

The first thing I did was order a Q6600. It’s single threaded performance is mediocre at best. I fixed this by using two pieces of electrical tape to overclock it to 3.0 GHz. [$8.00]

Next I ordered a GTX 750 ti on AliExpress. I used MSI After Burner to overclock the core and memory by 100 MHz. [$59.98]

Then I went over to my local Giant and bought two 2 Liter bottles of Coca-Cola. [$7]

TOTAL: [$79.98]



it’s a ok config for citra, but better invest on a mobo + g4560 combo (new or used).

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The G4560 has really nice single threaded performance but what kills it for me is the two cores. I’d much rather keep the current config and wait for Ryzen 3. When R3 comes out I’ll have enough money for a balls to the wall build.

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